This delicious Love Cordial is a delicious, libido-lifting beverage for you and your beloved/s. It is rich with heart opening, uplifting herbs that stimulate and tone the nervous system and reproductive organs. The term cordial refers to a mild, aromatic medicinal beverage or tonic that has been sweetened and is pleasant to drink. The word cordial is derived from the Latin word for Heart, “cor” or “cord-“ and old English “cordial” meaning of or belonging to the heart. This cordial is made to be sipped at room temperature from petite cordial glasses. I recently gave this cordial to my dear friends who married. They loved it and couldn't get enough, it completly enhanced their wedding night! I love sipping it and eating a rose raw cacao herbal chocolate. Bliss!


This recipe is inspired by Nectar Herb and Tea Co. 


 Damiana  (Turnera aphrodisiaca or diffusa):is an excellent strengthening remedy for the nervous system. The pharmacology of the plant suggest that the alkaloids could have a testosterone like action. It may be useful for low libido, as an anti depressant and digestive. Although its effect on sexual desire was its primary use across cultures, it was also valued as a nerve relaxant, digestive stimulant, mood enhancer, and simply an enjoyable beverage that was given to children. 

    Damiana's medicinal properties serve to uplift the spirit, improve digestion, relax the nervous system and to stimulate menstrual flow.  It can help alleviate shyness and inhibition, and relieve depression and anxiety. Native to South America, the Mayan and Aztec people used Damiana as a sexual tonic. Today, Damiana is still considered an energizing tonic for the nervous system and reproductive systems, used to address erectile dysfunction and low libido in men and women. 


Rose Petals (Rose damascena): People have cultivated Rose and enjoyed its exquisite fragrance in medicine, food and perfumery for at least 5,000 years. Though not technically an aphrodisiac, Rose has long been used to open the heart and promote feelings of love and devotion. Associated with Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, no formula for the heart is complete without this scent of this precious flower. This cordial includes Organic Rose Hydrosol, which is a pure steam-distilled Rose extract, sometime referred to as a flower water. 


Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia): The sweet, exotic scent of pure vanilla is both soothing and euphoric. In an extract or essential oil, Vanilla is used to relieve anger and irritability and to promote feelings of arousal and satisfaction.


Ingredients: Damiana infused brandy & water, Vanilla extract, White Rose Hydrosol, Raw Honey, all organic, all love. 

Love Cordial