Opens the heart, tastes sweetly wild yet elegant. Allows your love to flow. Can be slightly aphrodisiacal. Flavor your water, drinks, put on ice cream.


The wild roses were lovingly foraged by me on the land here I live on. Rose is specific for excess heat and is a supremely cooling remedy, perfect for summer. Rose is for love as we all know and feel.  It nurtures the physiological- spiritual-emotional heart. Useful for trauma, grief, depression, anxiety (especially heart-based), heartbreak. Moves stuck grief so it can be processed. Heart-opening, and well-known flower of love and devotion that balances heart-opening with protection (thorns). Excellent for boundary work.


Ingredients: Wild Multi-Flora Rose infused in Vegetable Glycerine (non gmo), water, brandy, all organic, all love. 

Wild Rose Elixir


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    Nada Khodlova, MA, BC-DMT, LCAT


    Brewster, NY

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