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All is Calm. All is Bright. Drinking this tea will help create that peace felt on a cozy starry winter's night. All snug up and tucked in our beds, for a nice long winter's nap.



“Chamomile are feathers from the wings of seraphim angels, thrown as an offering to the earth for each bird hunted in the sky.” ― Corina Abdulahm-Negura Archeologists in Israel have discovered evidence that chamomile may have been used as long as 800,000 years ago. Traditional uses of chamomile are so numerous that a complete listing would be impossible here. Some of the main categories would include sleep aids, beauty products, women’s health, infection fighters, mood lifters, gentle medicines for pregnant women (see the Precautions and Contraindications section), treatment for any type of nervous system stress or disorder, treatment of digestive disorders, lowering fevers, treating various illnesses, aromatherapy and perfumes, and flavorings for food and drink. Actions: Anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antispasmodic, aromatic, bitter, carminative, mild sedative, relaxing diaphoretic, relaxing nervine, vulnerary


Linden: The tree itself has been a necessity for the Czech and Slovak people through generations. Using its pollen for honey, and its blossoms for healing tea, it can be recognized as a national emblem for both Slovakia and the Czech Republic (also check out the history of the Czech national coat of arms). The Linden is a rather large tree that is quaint in appearance and has heart-shaped leaves. It is said that every village had one of these trees where people would gather and spend time together, and to this day, it remains highly symbolic to the Slavs.


Cedar: Cedar is a sacred tree and, like sweetgrass and tobacco, is part of many ceremonies. According to ancient Native North Americans, cedar was the first tree in Creation and is one of the most powerful medicinal plants in the world. Modern-day herbalists will agree...cedar packs a very powerful punch when it comes to healing properties and has been used extensively by both herbalists and Natives alike for hundreds of years to treat a number of ailments including fevers, relief from cough and bronchial conditions thanks to its powerful expectorant properties rheumatic complaintsskin conditions such as psoriasis and warts (cedar baths are great for this!) helping to bring on delayed menstruation through its specific reflex action on the uterus (for this reason cedar must be avoided during pregnancy)urinary incontinence (helps improve muscle tone)combating ringworm and thrush when used externally (thanks to its anti-fungal properties)dandruff (in Ayurvedic medicine) Cedar's main action is due to its stimulating and nutrient infusing volatile oil. This oil gives cedar its super powers: an astringent effect, meaning that it is effective for reducing secretions and discharges, as well as an excellent expectorant effect, meaning it helps the body release excess mucous from the respiratory system. Add to these actions the fact that cedar is extremely high in Vitamin C and you can see why it is so effective for the treatment of chest colds! Cedar is also high in compounds called proanthocyanins which are considered to be important for helping prevent cancer, as well as resveratrol, an antioxidant associated with anti-aging and cardiovascular health.


Ingredients: Chamomile, Cedar Leaf tips, Linden, all organic, all love.


2 and 4 oz. is available

All is Calm

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