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 Many years of experience! Still fresh!

With 30 years of practice, trained as a New York Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, and a Nationally Board Certified Dance Movement Psychotherapist I offer an experienced holistic creative approach to therapy.  I have developed and supervised several clinical Creative Art Therapy programs and have worked in a variety of settings including inpatient adult psychiatric hospitals, mental health clinics, nursing homes, day treatment centers, a women's homeless shelter, crisis counseling centers, and school/community-based programs. I had the opportunity to provide my services in  Project Liberty mental health aid after 9/11.  I taught and supervised students at the Sarah Lawrence Dance/Movement Therapy Graduate program for many years, and am a 1993 graduate from the Dance/Movement Therapy Graduate program at Goucher College.  Through my engagement with Equishui I have provided and developed Dance/Movement Therapy programs in combination with Equine Assisted Therapy. 

What I do

 As a clinician, I utilize movement and body-based awareness practices to encompass the whole self in the therapeutic process. I have worked with a range of mental health conditions from acute psychosis to mild mood disorders. I have worked with a range of populations but specialize in working with women, pre/adolescent and adolescent girls, and children. 

"i want what SHE has"podcast interview link


I have danced/performed with the Duncan Dance Collective, Rina Rinkewich/Return of the Sun, PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment),  Lauren Raine in "The Masks of the Goddess", and the Thais Mazur Dance Company. 

I have facilitated Ritual Circle Dance for wonderful venues such as "Celebrating the Mythic Life" conference, Dance New England Camp and weekend,  Deborah Roth's New Moon Sister Circle, Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors (COSM), The Goddess Festival, Ignivox, and The PURE Bellydance Conference in NYC. 

I received the Lily Cooper EEFC full scholarship for the Balkan Music and Dance Camp in 2018.  I was interviewed on Radio Kingston for the wonderful woman-focused podcast

"i want what SHE has". 

I'm a member of the ADTA-American Dance Therapy Association, NYSADTA-New York State American Dance Therapy Chapter, The Athena Institute For Women's Dance & Culture, and ASWM, the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology.

Ritual Dance Training

Trained in Laura Shannon's pioneering approach to traditional women's dances as tools for healing and transformation,  I am a Ritual Dance facilitator. As well as attending continuous workshops and events with Laura, I have had the opportunity to train with Laura Shannon in a 2 year Women's Ritual Dance intensive program and received certification.  Being of Czech-Croatian heritage first generation in the US,  I have experienced many gifts of homecoming through ritual circle dances. I hope to honor the wisdom and potency of these dances and to pass this on to others. 


Fantastic Teachers, I am Grateful for

Through my teacher Ricki Grater and others, the study and practice of Authentic Movement continue to influence my life and work. Since 2014 I have been a student of Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms Movement Meditation.  For several years I took Balkan singing classes with CaroI Freeman in NYC and performed one year at the Zlatne Uste Golden Festival.  I have studied with Hawksbrother Kirouana in the art and healing practice of Shamanism and Rosemary Gladstar and Lupo Passero in Herbalism. I have received a certificate from completing the course 'The Science and Art of Herbalism" and continue my studies through many online courses i.e. The Taste of Herbs with Rosalee De La Forêt,  Handcrafted Oils with Kami McBride...I recently received a certificate in the "Journey of Young Women" program.  A program that trains women to mentor girls and lead Girl's Circles... so girls everywhere may thrive on their journey to womanhood. I am an avid student and always reaching to grow. 

Weaving it all into the Dancing WEB

All of this weaves into the creation, offerings, and vision of the Dancing WEB. My continued awe at my clients' innate deep levels of healing, resilience, and wisdom guides and inspires my everyday life and practice. I am deeply grateful for all of my clients, mentors, teachers, and guides who have assisted me on this path.  

Please, join me in The Dancing WEB:

Would you like to have a healthier, stronger connection with your body, mind, and spirit? Are you going through a life-transition and would like support and guidance through this challenging time? Are you looking to connect with an embodied community through the joys and wisdom of ancient traditions of circle dance? Need a healing, transformative, and supportive embodied women's group that is rooted in the present and guided by women's ancient traditions? Looking for support and wellness for your daughter? Interested in herbal living as part of your healing lifestyle? As one takes steps toward healing, all feel the benefit. There are many possibilities and I know we will find what best fits your needs, visions, and goals. If you are interested in my individual services I offer a half hour free phone consultation. 


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