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Whole healing with body, mind, spirit, and earth practices. 

I am here to assist you into a healthier version of you.

To live more freely in your body, to feel more joyfully connected to others, to know you are not alone, to find healing in earth’s medicine and our ancestor's ways, to be seen, heard, and understood. All this and more you can discover through my offerings in The Dancing Web.



Come find what you need. 

Dance/Movement Psychotherapy
Dance/Movement Psychotherapy

I am here to guide you into a greater fullness of your being through dance/movement psychotherapeutic interventions, allowing you to create new patterns of connection, understanding, healing, and growth. My approach is creative, compassionate, and grounding. To assist in the adventure of unearthing and re-inhabiting what is inherently yours-your whole body/mind/spirit self is one of my greatest purposes. 

Individual private sessions utilizing dance/movement and body-based awareness practices to encompass the whole self in the therapeutic process for transformation, healing, and growth. Cost is by sliding scale with $125-150 for individual sessions. Half-hour free initial phone/zoom consultation. Cigna insurance is accepted in-network. 

Girls Wellness Groups

These are a group series providing empowering support for your girls’ health and wellbeing - body, mind, and spirit - during the amazing and challenging journey into adolescence and young womanhood. Using current models of child and adolescent development the focus of this group will be on cultivating positive body image, building inner strength, improving emotional/physical/social health and well-being, creative expression, and self-respect. Dance/movement therapy and other creative art concepts and activities will be at the core of this group as we strive for whole-self empowerment. Groups are offered in 4-8 week series for girls ages 9-16. Groups are limited to 8; cost is approximately $35 per session~supplies and free introductory session included~some scholarships available. 

On Girl to Goddess Groups

“The class was fun and it always helped improve my mood. It also allowed me to focus. 

Nada is very welcoming and made everything fun.”

-Zen (age 10)

Girl-to-Goddess Groups
Sacred Circle Dance/Women's Ritual Dance
Sacred Circle Dance/Women's Ritual Dance

 Traditional and modern sacred circle dances are offered as a means of healing, honoring the divine, affirming connection to the earth and each other, to build community and celebrate rites of passages and life transitions. All are welcome to community events and intensive series are held for women. These circles occur throughout the Hudson Valley and in NYC. Fee ranges from $30-$50 per 2-hour event. Donation-only events are held on special occasions.

Dance-Movement Therapy Supervision
Dance Movement Therapy Supervision

Supervision for R-DMTs and consultation for BC-DMTs looking to accrue supervision hours, gain clarity about clinical issues, and deepen practice. Individual or group. 

On Dance/Movement Therapy Supervision

"As a supervisor, Nada has created and held the space for our group to both honor where we are and push beyond our edges. As an emerging clinician and dance/movement therapist, her presence as a witness, facilitator, and teacher, all informed by her many years of experience, has been an invaluable resource.” 

-Tenaya Cowsill, Dance/Movement Therapist

Herbal nourishment, healing, connection, and wisdom through handmade teas, tinctures, salves, elixirs, oils, and food suited specifically for each individual and occasion. Offering a line of herbal products for healing, health, and beauty. Weaving herbalism as a holistic way of life and into my therapy practice. Many herbs can be implemented to support stress and grief relief, improve sleep, boost mood, and calm the nervous system. Herbal assessments and offerings are integrated into therapy sessions with me if desired. Check out Nadulinka's Herbal Shop Here!

Herbal Living/Herbal Health
Nadulinka's Herbal Remedies

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