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Clitoria ternatea or Blue Pea or Butterfly Pea Flower have been used medicinally for centuries, though Butterfly pea flowers have gained popularity in more recent times. They're used in baking, desserts, healthy smoothies, mixed drinks, and teas. Butterfly pea flowers are also known to contain vitamins A and C which help promote healthy vision and skin. They also contain potassium, zinc, and iron. These minerals and healthy antioxidants have been shown to help combat free radical damage, inflammation, and cardiovascular diseases.


A traditional Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties. Clitoria ternatea flowers produce flat pods that are great for eating fresh. Plus, the flowers have major blue anthocyanins, which are chemical compounds that react with acid to turn the tea into a well-known brilliant blue color. 


In India, they treat it as a holy flower and use it in daily rituals.


 Blue Pea Flowers, Lavender Flowers, 
Dried Blueberries (apple juice concentrate sweetened), 
all organic, all love. 


For Tea Brewing: 
Take 1-3 tsp., pour 16 oz of boiling water; 
let steep for 3-5 minutes covered; strain and 
add favorite sweetener, honey recommended. 
For a latte, add milk or milk substitute. I enjoy unsweetened coconut milk. 
Drink cold or hot.

2 or 4 oz.

Blue Moon Herbal Tea

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