Anointing by allowing your belly to drink up these all plant and nut-based ingredients is one of the most healing rituals you can do for yourself. Massaging this deeply healing herbal oil-based remedy into your belly is a  way of directing love and nourishment into the core of you. Your skin is an organ of elimination, assimilation. Your belly is your second brain with many nerves that sensitively respond to the stresses and excitements of life. By regularly and intentionally massaging in this Belly Butter you can help soothe, heal, and ease your belly as well as improve digestion. Touching the outer edges of your belly,  doing it with intention and love, and with the elements of this belly butter can deepen your sense of love and belonging on this sacred earth and as a loved being of Mother Earth as your belly absorbs the healing belly plants of rose and calendula. Your belly is a conduit to  A portal to your best digested and nourished life. Your belly is the gateway between what comes in and what goes out. I LOVE My Belly! Butter 


Rose is for love as we all know and feel. It nurtures the physiological- spiritual-emotional. It can be useful for trauma, grief, depression, anxiety (especially heart-based), heartbreak. Rose can help move stuck grief so it can be processed. Heart-opening, and well-known flower of love and devotion that balances heart-opening with protection (thorns). Excellent for boundary work.  Rose is specific for excess heat and is a supremely cooling remedy.  Rose is a well-known dermatological aid and is excellent in any and all skincare preparations.


Calendula is the shining star for skin and gut health so perfect for a belly butter. It has been used for centuries and assists with a wide variety of skin conditions and issues. Calendula has countless benefits, including supporting the lymphatic system and ducts, aiding liver health (especially when ‘damp heat’ is present), soothing the digestive mucosa and other mucous membranes, warming the stomach, and helping to aid microbial balance both internally and topically.


Mango seed butter contains vitamins A, C, and E, all of which have proven antioxidant properties. It's excellent for skin that doesn't need a lot of extra moisture but can benefit from anti-aging properties. 


Shea butter is one of the most well-known nut butters.   It is rich in nutritious fatty acids, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for damaged and irritated skin. It's also rich in vitamin E and can help fight the effects of aging. 


Jojoba oil is healing and moisturizing for all skin types. Even though it looks and feels just like an oil, it is actually a liquid wax ester made from expeller-pressed jojoba seeds. Jojoba oil is very similar to the sebum in human skin, and the oil can dissolve sebum and carry ingredients deep into the skin. It is very lightweight absorbs quickly into the skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. 


I've been deepening my skills into handcrafted herbal oils and body butter in order to provide me and all my loved ones, including you! with higher healing quality products. In loving our bodies we want everything we put on and in our bodies to be as full of healing and wholeness as possible. Much of what’s out there is full of chemicals, even the natural stuff. What I’m learning now from Kami Mcbride takes my herbal products to another level. 


Ingredients: Deeply infused Rosa Damascena Jojoba & Apricot Kernel Oil, deeply infused Calendula extra virgin olive oil, unrefined Shea and Mango Butters, Bulgarian Rose essential oil, all organic, all love. 


4 oz. jar available

I LOVE My Body! Butter~Rose