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Wonderfully warming for winter skin and joints. 


The herbal base of this Warming Winter I LOVE My Body! butter is deeply infused Ginger Oil. Ginger is wonderful to support the stimulation of the blood, warm the body, and is an anti-inflammatory. Can be wonderful to massage into arthritic joints! Ginger contains natural oils known as gingerols that can reduce inflammation and pain. The anti-inflammatory benefits of gingerols can help soothe irritated skin as well. Ginger can help restore and rejuvenate skin, and fade scars. Applying it topically can have anti-aging benefits. It contains numerous antioxidant properties that can prevent free radical damage and protect against aging.


Cayenne pepper contains a compound called Capsaicin, which works by bringing blood to the affected area, providing oxygen and pain relief. Capsaicin causes nerve endings to release a chemical known as substance P. Substance P transmits pain signals from the body back to the brain.



Ingredients: Deeply infused ginger apricot kernel oil and cayenne extra virgin olive oil, unrefined mango butter, pumpkin pie spice blend essential oils, fossilized amber oil, all organic, all love.


I Love My Body! Butter~Pumpkin Pie Spicey

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$18.75Sale Price
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