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Rose is for love as we all know and feel. It nurtures the physiological- spiritual-emotional. It can be useful for trauma, grief, depression, anxiety (especially heart-based), heartbreak. Rose can help move stuck grief so it can be processed. Heart-opening, and well-known flower of love and devotion that balances heart-opening with protection (thorns). Excellent for boundary work. Rose is specific for excess heat and is a supremely cooling remedy. Rose is a well-known dermatological aid and is excellent in any and all skin care preparations. This rose-infused oil has a subtle, beautiful floral scent. Roses have a long tradition of being wonderful for skincare - they can aid as an anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial, and help to smooth and soften skin.


Ingredients: Jojoba oil or Apricot Kernel oil infused with Rosa Damascena Dried flowers and a bit of 100 proof vodka to potentiate the rose's properties. Colored with Alkanet Root.  All organic, all love.

I LOVE My Body! Herbal Oil~Rose

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