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A lovingly handmade salve to soak into your largest most precious organ...your skin! 


Comfrey can help you naturally address wound healing and skin issues such as scratches, rash (including diaper rash), bug bites (particularly spiders) and shallow wounds. It is also deemed helpful as a massage salve easing pain from arthritis, muscle aches, low back pain and soreness.


Allantoin boosts the growth of new skin cells, while rosmarinic acid helps relieve pain and inflammation


The name comfrey means “to grow together,” appropriate for a plant used to heal wounds. Comfrey salves and other topical preparations have long been employed to heal bruises, skin ulcers and joint inflammation, and to help fractures to knit more quickly


It aids wound repair, accelerates skin healing, and possesses anti-inflammatory activity. Allantoin is the subject of many patents, and is both derived from comfrey and synthesized in laboratories. 

Yet other compounds in comfrey also demonstrate benefits when applied to skin. Additional compounds including caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid and rosmarinic acid help to protect the lipid linings of skin cells, reduce inflammation, and show anti-cancer activity. This may support the use of comfrey preparations for various skin cancers.

In human clinical studies, comfrey preparations have performed well. In one study, sufferers of acute ankle sprains experienced more rapid recovery with the application of a comfrey-based cream. The preparation reduced swelling, alleviated pain, and helped to improve joint mobility. In another study, comfrey cream showed value in reducing lower back pain and improving osteoarthritis in the knee.

And in yet another study, those who utilized a concentrated comfrey cream to treat skin abrasions experienced more rapid healing and recovery than those who did not.


Comfrey is rich in a compound called allantoin, which supports cell formation and granulation, also known as the creation of new tissue and microscopic blood vessels during the healing process.


Ingredients:  Comfrey leaf, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, all organic, all love. 


Do not use on deep wounds or puncture wounds. It is fast act and the top layer of skin risks healing before the deeper layers and could potentially cause bacteria to be trapped under the healed skin.


*This information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Organic Comfrey Salve

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