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On Sacred Circle Dance/Women's Ritual Dance

“Nada Khodlova is a gifted and nurturing teacher. She makes her students feel welcome, supported, and valued while sharing her expertise and her passion for these dances. Nada is doing the critical and cutting-edge work of creating community and re-introducing the divine feminine.”

–Rina Rinkewich (Artistic Director, Return of the Sun,


“Nada's ritual dance workshop was one of the most self-nurturing, inspiring, and significant dance experiences I've had in my whole life. Her thoughtful introduction of each traditional dance is especially rewarding and helped me to feel connected to centuries of women who have danced these dances before.”

–M. Goldsmith 


“Nada's invitational spirit is seen in her warm eyes and smile, in her gentle and generous
manner of teaching and in her passionate enthusiasm for dance. The musical offerings traveled us around the globe and in this way, she honored our collective ancestral spirits.  The dances provided pathways for us to come home within ourselves.”

–M. Vecchia


“Nada is a spirit weaver with the power of the ancient mothers behind her.”

–Heather Feller 


 “I felt a deep resonance with your work. As a priestess, I felt that I was dancing the living Goddess.”

–Sheva Melmed


“Magical, mystical, physical!”

–Perla Abdie


“My amazing friends and I went to a Sacred Circle Dance group led by a wonderful dance therapist Nada Khodlova where we got to connect to the earth, to each other, and to ourselves. I feel so recharged and centered and thankful.”

–Katie Clark



On Girl to Goddess Groups

The class was fun and it always helped improve my mood. It also allowed me to focus. 
Nada is very welcoming and made everything fun
–Zen age 9  (a Girl-to-Goddess participant)


On Dance/Movement Psychotherapy


“Through Nada's tender guidance I was able to explore my inner being and dance my true story. Nada creates a sacred and safe environment allowing for the embodiment of and connectedness to all that is.  Her work is beautifully transformative.”



On Dance/Movement Therapy Supervision


As a supervisor, Nada has created and held the space for our group to both honor where we are and push beyond our edges. As an emerging clinician and dance/movement therapist, her presence as a witness, facilitator, and teacher, all informed by her many years of experience, has been an invaluable resource.”

–Tenaya Cowsill


“Nada’s thoughtful guidance throughout the supervision process has helped to give me greater insight and clarity into my work as a dance/movement therapist.  Nada shows patience and curiosity when delving into our questions and observations, eagerly ready to explore, process, and dance together.”
–Jasmine Cohen


On Herbal Remedies


“I liked that Nada’s healing salve was all natural and handmade but I was a bit skeptical at first.  Now I have used it for years on many wounds and have never had an infection and wouldn't think of using anything else.” Pat FitzGerald


“Nada’s healing salve immediately helped my grandson’s skin!”-Airbnb guest





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